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What is BurnIt?  How does it work?

logo-blackBurnIt Athletics is our way of giving everyone the ability to have the individual attention, focus, and coaching of working with personal trainer, without the hassle of going to a gym or the sky-high costs of traditional personal training.

How it works: You pick the frequency of training, you then communicate with a real live trainer about your specific fitness needs and together we design a program that works for you. Read more...

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Workout of the Week

A brand new 3 minute challenge every Monday.  Click here to see how you stack up...

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Exercise Library

Not sure how to do a burpee?  Need help with form?  Here's a databases all the exercises you'll need.

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BurnIt Community

Want to commiserate?  Need a new running playlist?  Click here for all the peer support you need.

This Week's Poll

On average, how many minutes of exercise do you get each day?

None - 18.8%
Less than 30 minutes - 18.8%
Between 30 and 1 hour - 37.5%
Over 1 hour - 18.8%

Total votes: 16

Know your BMI

Form is everything!

Exercise of the Week!

Isometric Tricep Kickbacks

Visit our Exercise Library to get the form right.